There are research opportunities with UMBS-Flux at the undergraduate, graduate, and post-doctoral levels.

Undergraduate research

For undergraduates, an excellent way to get involved with our work at UM Biological Station is to work with one of the Principal Investigators through the UMBS Research Experience for Undergraduates program. Consult the linked page for application procedures and deadlines. We also hire a number of research assistants each summer to help with a variety of tasks related to our research program. Contact Dr. Peter Curtis for more information on the availability of summer work/research opportunities.

Graduate research

Contact Dr. Peter Curtis for information on pursuing graduate work at the UMBS AmeriFlux sites.

Post-doctoral research

Post-doctoral scientists are an integral part of our research team. They may be affiliated with any of the lead institutions (University of Michigan, The Ohio State University, Indiana University) or work through one of our collaborators. Funding may be available through a number of avenues and we welcome suggestions for new research directions. Direct questions regarding post-doctoral opportunities to Dr. Peter Curtis or to any of the Principal Investigators (see the Researchers page for each site).